Thursday, October 1, 2015

Where are they now: TJ Norris at MP 5

Where are they now: TJ Norris at MP 5

What happens when you help to build up a sustainable art community in a midsize town like Portland? Well you probably move on to make some money somewhere else.

TJ is currently living in Dallas Texas writing for Go Figure News and working on a big photography book project!Here-We-GO-Again/cmfg/560c014d0cf2f0ed7a29352a

TJ Norris at MP5's " Manor of Art" room 222

TJ Norris is a master of aesthetics and an artist living and working in Portland.
His main focus is on photography, sound and sculptural elements
that fuse into a cohesive whole and provide the viewer with a multiple sensory experience.
Visit his most recent installation subtitled
in Room 222

check out this interview with TJ from a few years back

information about the full spectrum of TJ Norris’s amazing body of work is available at his website

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DARK MATTER at Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art Gallery, Portland

DARK MATTER at Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art Gallery, Portland

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A famous saying goes like this "What is darkness but the absence of light". Of course just as there is a spectrum of light there is one of darkness and its meaning to the creation of the mental world in which we succeed or stew in. We can see the world as heaven or as hell alike depending on which end of the linear spectrum of this duality based life we choose to place ourselves.

In science Dark matter is neither good or bad, evil or holy but it is the glue that holds the universe together to prevent it from disassembling into the many forms of nothingness.

Philosophers argue that we need darkness to be able to appreciate the lighter waves of joy. We are suppose to learn from the dark nights of the soul and to grow above the fray of temptations that lurk in the twilight of our ego identification with is contempt for others and bouts of self loathing.

Most of us have the ability to be a great force for good or a monstrous outgrowth of satanic phantasies and at any given day we walk the gamut of the gauntlet and decide where we stand at any given moment trusting that the world as we know will be sustainable not because of us but in spite of us.