Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Random by Richard Schemmerer

Random by Richard Schemmerer

Nothing is random all is information
mind wide open
soul alert
it's not just about what we take, use, love or
acquire in our rush through a day worth living
it is as much or more about
the moments that we avoided
the situations we escaped from
the sublime un materialized
and the many random acts
that a mass during the duration
of the life we form out of it
the effort we make is equal
to the effort we abort
the road leads not along the straight and narrow
but the path is more like a landing strip
with undefined boundaries and surface
Random is not random at all
instead it is a well calculated probability
waiting the carve itself into
our open source memory bank

conceptual photography by Richard Schemmerer

Monday, July 28, 2014


New art blood to keep the art maschine rolling.

Art is big business so is education. When the two meet it becomes an unruly marriage.
Questions arise like do we need more artists and correlatives surface like turds in a to small of a pond. Established creatives look at this artist production line in awe and disgust fearing for their own well fought for jobs.The newlings eying up the ladder for these very jobs and a place on the creative tables buffet and mimic the most successful art star's styles and carrier paths to at some point replace them.

It all seems like just another shooting day on the set of a soap like As The World Turns but the concerns are all to real. Who will have the stomach and stamina to outrun the masses that compete for the same pot of gold.

For the outsider it all seams trivial and the question arises don't we need more doctors instead but one only has to remember what a tryst and tired place the world would be without all the colorful stimulation we get seemingly for free on a daily base to keep us hooked on product and consumption.

If this sounds a tad cynical that's because it is. Sure it is of great value to the mind to be inspired but as times change one needs to consider if ones drawing skills could serve more than one master then to be displayed on white tinged walls or to design something on a dime. It is like putting lipstick on a pig in most cases like in funny but pointless.

The rhetorical question has to be what would or could all this talent and energy be used for if it wouldn't be focused on the decoration of our world but actually put into action to save what is left of this world with our bare hands not just our ego guided minds.

The masses crave images like drug addicts because it gives them a slight high and the power to like or dislike something. But just like with drugs it lets you down and you only need more. It sidetracks you from the things of true value.

Images disconnect us from nature and to bring a mountain alive on a page of paper is a poor substitute. If the art inspires you to want to go out of yourself of your shell and to share life deeply with others it is a great tool and not just the end of the journey.



Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pentti Sammallahti at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland

Pentti Sammallahti at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland

Photography captures moments that are real but at the same time become in an instant artificial. Its like as if we capture a life animal taxidermy it and display it in a museum all within an artificially recreated environment. I don't mean this in a negative way but it leaves room for sentimentality and interpretation to sneak in. Our life is ruled by the rational and irrational fear of dying and it leads to our mistaken in labeling today's world as horrible while we binge watch TV news program. Has the world lost its enchantment or is it us that has shifted the focus and being brainwashed. These photographs capture everyday life in various village and the tone is while enchanted also ominous. Will these people also become victim of the meaningless chatter or can ritual tradition and moral steadfastness hold its counter weight so we too can visit these places in the future to remember the mere presence of our existence is a miracle.


Christine Clark at at Nine Gallery, Portland



Christine Clark at at Nine Gallery, Portland
at Blue Sky Gallery

A mass of something can be to much like when it becomes a hoarders nightmare. In art as of late a mass of things has become the new minimal the new trend that intrigues curators as well as audiences. We stand in front of such a mass of something often trivial and try to transfigure it into a mythical riddle. How can we solve this puzzle in our head which is filled with a mass of data, memories and ideas.

These sculptures fulfill our need for speculations and invite us not just to guess their meaning but also what they are made from. Whenever we want to touch the art the artist has won us over.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

"The Unsettlement" by Richard Schemmerer

"The Unsettlement"

a digital exhibit in virtual cyber space

by Richard Schemmerer

Driftwood like we skim the surface of life with using only a fraction of our minds capacity at any given moment. All seems settled save secure until the tiniest little ripple splits the curtain ever so slightly open and exposes the chaos underneath the form the calculating mathematics of chance and randomness in between the solid.
what we are is not who we are it screams in riddles and in commands. once in awhile mind debris floats to the surface to make clear we are not the master in the human house. once in awhile a brilliant idea gets hold of us and enslaves us to show we are not the creator of the self but just a transmitter.

There are days when the illusion dissolves and we falter in the onslaught of truth other times we rise to the occasion and blend in with existence harmonize with its rhythms or just plainly let it rip all apart to start anew.

The future is not ours the past has run off with someone else and the present doesn't give a hoot about each single one of us. how do we cope with such realization how do we take the next step with the same innocence as we did the first one not knowing that falling was guarantied.

The unsettlement of a human life can have the most effective impact on ones life when it is embraced not as road block to some imagined stardom paradise nirwanical utopian heaven knows empirical super powered being ness. To unsettled and to be stable in it is the high wire act that we are expected to build up to and grow into.

It's like taking scissors to ones life's moments of clarity and confusion alike and meld them back together over and over until all variations are played out and only the player is left awaiting with gusto the next challenge being willed into existence.

copyright by Richard Schemmerer

Photographer David Pace at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland

Sur La Route

Tame doesn't mean lame and beautiful doesn't mean not deep. It doesn't always have to be decay and ruin porn to impress an audience seems to be the message in this exhibit. The People look happy and content and are captured in glowing light as they go on through their daily life. There is pride emanating from them that could teach as about the meaning of life. Sometimes is just splendid just to be who and where you are and it's not about the place you live in but about the mind set you entertain.

at Blue Sky Gallery

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