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Hap Tivey at Elizabeth Leach Gallery

Hap Tivey at Elizabeth Leach Gallery

Surface of Light
new light sculpture

Let there be light and let it enlighten me. We have come a long way form the dark ages of torches to gas lamps, electricity and now an illuminated world by LED's. This show is not about a Las Vegas style bombastic extravaganza to wow us but it's about frequencies and introspective's. It is the moment in between the inhale and the exhale when the breath is stopped and light is born in the form of color.

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Get your hat on at Bonnet, Portland

Get a glimpse behind the scene how hats are made and leave with a new piece of hand crafted art all at the same time. Bonnet is hat shop and a millinery right here in the Portland Pearl district. Change up your look with hats also find some of the best brands of other head wear designers at Bonnet or have something made custom for that special event. By the way these are affordable master pieces that can turn into a beloved Heirloom.

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Interview with Sara Weinstein of Flairwalk Boutique, Portland

Interview with Sara Weinstein of Flairwalk Boutique

Interview with Sara Weinstein, FlairWalk

What is your background in Fashion?

I have always been a big fashion fan and I will admit have not one closet, but two closets full of clothes (and this was the case even before I started FlairWalk!). Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I enjoyed the downtown department stores that were close to or on Union Square. Some still there, some not….I.Magnin with the elevator attendants who would take you to each beautiful floor, Joseph Magnin,…still there Neiman Marcus, Saks and a much expanded Macys….perfume launches were big at Macys and two ones I recall were Elizabeth Taylor dressed in purple for her launch of “Passion” and Cher and her son for her perfume launch….both stars spent their time mostly talking about causes rather than their product to an ecstatic and welcoming crowd. With the Bay Area being one of the most diverse places in the country, the shops match the reputation, and there are distinct neighborhoods that offer a range of exceptional and interesting shops.
What attracted you to Portland?
Portland’s draw was that it was on the West Coast. I am a Coast person. I love the East Coast but wouldn’t want the weather. Also, Portland seemed to have with it’s own distinct personality and was urban. Portland has certainly come into it’s own in the last twenty years with a thriving restaurant, breweries and art culture.

How did FlairWalk get started?

I was a manufacturers’ representative for over fifteen years and decided I wanted to make a switch to another field. I came up with the idea for a boutique that would combine my love of clothes, my business knowledge and the challenge I enjoy of building a business.
Who was the most ground breaking women in fashion?
Current day, I think First Lady Michelle Obama has done wonders for American designers and American fashion. She has been a huge supporter of emerging designers and wearing them to not just small affairs, but to nationally televised events, such as wearing a stunning white gown by then relatively unknown designer, Jason Wu, to one of the inaugural balls. When Michelle Obama began wearing Tracy Reese’s creations, Tracy Reese's visibility exploited. All of us at FlairWalk were thrilled that Mrs. Obama choose to wear a Tracy Reese dress we carried in the store to the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. While, an expensive dress at $500, it is much more affordable to a larger portion of the American public than a $4,000 or $5,000 dress that some First Ladies have worn. I suspect that despite any political differences, everyone
will vote for this more “affordable” trend to continue with future First Ladies!

Which star represents today’s fashion the best?

I think that Emma Stone and Amy Adams are two stars that represent today’s fashion the best. I think Emma Stone may have been voted best dressed at the Golden Globes.

What does it mean to have been voted best boutique in PDX?

At the recent 2014 Portland Fashion & Style Awards, FlairWalk won “People’s Choice” award for “Best Northwest Portland Boutique”. The entire FlairWalk team was overjoyed with the honor. This was the part of the awards that the “people” (customers, etc. voted for rather than voted on by judges). It was extra meaningful because we strive to provide excellent customer service and have a customer have an enjoyable fashion experience at FlairWalk.
What has changed the last 10 years in Portland Fashion?
Portland has proven to be a city filled with designers and boutique owners who are willing to take risks. They don’t necessarily have to stay on point with trends. This is why the Portland fashion scene is exploding.

Who are your favorite international designers?

A few of my favorite international designers are Escada with it’s classic look with some unusual lines and prints put in. Missoni, I have always loved stripes and it adds casualness to high fashion. And, I will say I love my Missoni bedding!

Which lines do you carry and who are your favorite local designers?

Designers at FlairWalk include Tracy Reese—an American favorite of First Lady Michelle Obama; Milly—whose dresses are a combination of stylish, trendy, and classic; and Desigual—a line from Barcelona that blends colors and patterns in an exuberant way. In terms of local designers, we carry a line that I love, Sophie Sabatini that is full of color with an art vibe to it. We also carry a line of wonderful jewelry by local designer, Anne Bocci.

What is your design vision for women?

My design vision for women is that design, style and comfort can merge together. This is what I strive for in my selections for FlairWalk.

What is your take on sustainability in fashion?

I think sustainability in fashion is important as I feel it is in many other areas. Sometimes sustainability apparel is out of people’s price range. I am hopeful that, like some organic food, the cost of sustainability fabric, etc. will lower so that it will be easier for more designers and manufacturers to produce sustainable fashion apparel and other related items.

Which fashion events are you looking forward to in Portland?

Portland is active with fashion shows and events ranging from large to small. I enjoy different aspects of all of them, and like to attend when able. Portland is fertile ground for emerging designers as well as more established designers. Of course, FashioNXT is a three day extravaganza for fashion followers and a show not to be missed if you want to experience a “New York” feel to a show. There are a variety of other shows, including “Fashion Meets Film” which I recently attended at OMSI and the “Portland Style & Fashion Awards” that gives recognition to those in the industry. Two shows that FlairWalk has been part of in the last two years are “Style in the Pearl” which mostly showcases Pearl District Boutiques and a fashion show at Dress for Success’s annual auction. FlairWalk is proud to support Dress for Success (DFS) organization that helps underprivileged women with career advice, wardrobes and support groups among other things. A special twist to this show is that the women walking on the runway are not models but a mix of DFS clients and female community leaders in their respective fields.

Where is your new location and how has it worked out so far?

FlairWalk’s new location is at 402 NW 12th Ave., Portland, OR 97209. Myself and everyone else on the FlairWalk team love the new space (although miss the old space too) – being on the corner, having two sides of windows with natural light pouring in and having a larger space are all big pluses.

What are your trends for spring?

Bold and colorful are the trends I’m seeing for Spring which is fine with me since I love bold beautiful colors!

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Sara Weinstein

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Fashion Meets Film at the OMSI recap

Fashion Meets Film at the OMSI recap

Fun Fashion & Film all combined with a dose of science. What a great idea to bring people together to celebrate creativity in its many manifestations.

Fashion Meets Film
OMSI and Paul Mitchell the School Portland presented a fashion event showing the work of some of the best local designers. Each artist’s designs also were accompanied by a filmed interview explaining their inspiration, thoughts & process.

participation designers

Billygoat Vintage
Wendy Ohlendorf - Boulevard de Magenta
Stephanie Dong - Stephanie D Couture
Dubard with jewelry designs by Anne Bocci
Andres Pinedo
Kenneth Dozwell - Betty Jean Couture and 2014 Designer of the Year at NYC's Full-Figure Fashion Week
Andrew Dyrdahl - a Seattle designer showing for the first time in Portland

Northwest designers and their models strut their stuff for all to applaud. It was a sold out event to remember.

Fashion Meets Film is the brain child of Mark David McIntosh and put a fresh twist on the old runway presentation which included the gammut from vintage, sleek, romantic, avant garde, urban cool to sexy and voluptuous.

thanks to the many who made this possible.

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photography copyright by Richard Schemmerer

photography copyright by Richard Schemmerer