Saturday, February 6, 2016

2016 Feeding the a monkey by Richard Schermmerer

If you feed the monkey don't be surprised if he steals your banana, if you let a turd float you'll have to clean it up.
The year of the Monkey is self-indulgent, is the irritable child crying foul pointing fingers at others for breaking his toy.
Symbol of the broken are all around us from broken people to buildings and we are hard pressed to find refuge from the onslaught of the needy.

This is invitation to find places of holy smokes of sublime realms even if they have been left to decay. Everything has value or nothing has says the wise man but one can respectably disagree and offer an alternative a refuge in the mind that sets limits to the constant input and just looks at things not as they odd to be according to our needs but just contemplated with the eye of the impartial observer who doesn't claim to know it all or have the answers but at the same breath doesn't cause any more harm and distraction and gets together with like minded to build this refuge on this planet for this generation in the NOW with this breath and yes with the next thought produced not in vain but followed by active creation.
Let the fire money play but pay no attention to his antics.

Photographic essay by Richard Schemmerer

The silence before the next wave of silence

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Visions and Revisions at Jeffrey Thomas gallery, Portland

Visions and Revisions at Jeffrey Thomas gallery, Portland

What is friendship for if it is not for the support of each other. What are artists for if not for building a frame a mental house in which we can communicate about the necessities of life. There is the art of mark making on canvas as in an art piece but there is also the art of mark making within each one of us. There are the people who cut wounds but there are the others that give our life a deeper life meaning within the self by cutting away the unproductive and help us build a bond in the outside world that acts as a protective shield.
It takes vision to envision long term friendships against all odds. These seven artists used their communality their love for art to go beyond the urge of competition and instead foster a kind inter-connectedness that can serve as an example for us who are privileged to be able to enjoy art not just as decoration but as stimulation for all our senses. We also can revision our path to align it more with what supports community and weed out what grows discontent from within.
In the process we too make a mark on society and become part of the art of living correctly, by realizing what needs and deserves our support and where our dollars feed an unjustifiable greed. we are called to support the arts in its many incarnation and a good beginning is by purchasing local art so that these visionaries can continue to dazzle us with their visions.

Artist list

Jef Gunn (Courtesy of the Augen Gallery)

· Clinton MacKenzie

· Claire Browne

· Stephanie Doyle

· Pat Barrett

· Trude Parkinson (Courtesy of the Augen Gallery)

· Andrea Schwartz-Feit (Courtesy of the Butters Gallery)

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