Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jenene Nagy at PDX Contemporary Art gallery


Jenene Nagy at PDX Contemporary Art gallery

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Bring me to the river and I'll drink from the waters of life. Art is like a river and any given artist is never far away from the welling up spring.We all perceive value in different form. These post modern rumination plunder the tried and true drawers of what was once considered cutting edge art and has now moved towards a cultist realm of reverence.

It all has a touch of religion of false reference to imagined Gods but who is to argue with beauty. As each Buddha statue, Freemason obelisk or hand carved cross has this power to impress on us so do these artistic creations barrel a trust in the good into us without ever having to proof otherwise.

Religion is for the under educated while Art is for the over educated seems to be the mantra we are invited to chant in unison. And diamonds are still a girls best friend

Gesche Würfel Basement Sanctuaries at Blue Sky

Gesche Würfel
Basement Sanctuaries

What's your basement like, is it inspiring enough for a photographer? How we decorate our homes tells a lot about ourselves. These tableaus focus on the not so secret. The ordinary is elevated to cult status as we worship our displays of trinkets and memorabilia.

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Ryan Trecartin at Upfor gallery


As extemporized as the dialogue is the visual bombardment.

It would be unfair to proclaim that I get what Ryan is doing just as silly as these videos seem to be but claim not to be. Art takes something on the fringe and makes it main stream and in the process helps understand that variety the human web is made from. There is not one way to live life or to make art but it is a constant reinvention of something pre-existing.Role play examplifying the childish in child like one is allowed to allow the silly to wash over like waves of uncritical mascera mixed with Tammy Faye tears on acid.

congratua;tions to Upfor for bringing such mayhem to Portland

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Victor Maldonado at Froelick gallery


Victor Maldonado at Froelick gallery

How did we get to now the now that represents us in a society still dominated by a patriarchic system that doesn't seem to can get enough of war.

These photographs and a video explore the underbelly of identity. What is behind the macho mask, is it fear of being found out as weak? A wrestling mask is the stand in through which we can participate in the world view we are all brain washed into from birth on depending on where we were born. We struggle all through our life against these stereo types and in the process we seem to keep confirming them.

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Kim Ray at Nine gallery


Kim Ray at Nine gallery

Stranded on a desolated island surrounded by the garbage washed on shore from a society long extinct. Or caught in a net of negativity like a dolphin in a trailing net. Either way this installation seems an eerie warning to the viewer that it is to late to just complain about the downfall of the world but that it is time to stand still and contemplate the escape routes.

The past the future and the presence met on a beach littered with plastic and time stood still

Sunday, September 14, 2014

NAOMI SHIGETA at Augen gallery


NAOMI SHIGETA at Augen gallery

The foundation of joy is a burst of crimson tinched with lapislazuli.
Vogue to the colors let your body float on an ocean blue with a turquois trim. I am just punch drunk on lip pinks and lemmons gras greens gasping for air in amusement. Color is frequency is mood enhancer is the soul dancing.Dive into and chase away the dull moments that have turned your life into an old B&W movie.

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