Tuesday, May 26, 2015

if you eat a rainbow by Richard Schemmerer

If you eat a rainbow you will poop in color
if you can feel it you can build it
if you can talk about you can understand it
if you can share it you will live it

photography by Richard Schemmerer

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Complex by Richard Schemmerer

"Knock knock who's there' collage by Richard Schemmerer


Today I visit the places
That live in me but
There is nobody there
But gospel gangsters
It’s a dangerous book for boys
Nomads of desire it sounds
Like you are on the fence
Looking over judging
Bring on the noise
Bring on the old scroll
Bible belt away on me
Everything you ever going to be
Is already their in you
Nothing is new under the burning sun
Or the moon or in the universe
Unless you break it down
It dies and starts all over
Break it down into its bits
To make a fresh piece out of it
Its not that complex
if you think about it
Sun of a gun, sun of a sun
Son of a sun, son of an idea
God painted us naked
And then we played dress up
Its not that complex if you think about it
God is a great made up thought
But I made it into the flesh

OCAC BFA Thesis 2015 -- GENERATIVE CONSENSUS -- Oregon College of Art & Craft

As a scandal brews at USC and the new class of students walked out of their arts program because of false advertising so to speak and is preparing for a law suit but everything seems jolly in Portland.

The old questions what is art good for and what is art and what is craft still surfaces once inawhile but in general we have adapted a consensus that accepting blurred lines is better then losing ones vision.

39 artists got together and kick started a Kickstarter campaign to finance a curator and space in downtown to get the most exposure for their creations. And it worked thanks to the few left people truly committed in supporting the Arts.

The show is diverse and sprawling but is at its core surprisingly figurative. Old ground is reworked and bodies are adorned cut up and reassembled with lots of crafty intentions artistic styles in various mediums.

If it is not mind blowing it is definitely very entertaining and worth a prolonged visit

more info at ocacthesis2015.tumblr.com

visit the show at

525 NW 10th Ave

public tours Sunday May 24 2 PM

open 10 -- 6 PM

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Just saying" by Richard Schemmerer

"Just sayin" by Richard Schemmerer

I had to write this after seeing the picture of a deformed baby, one in many
born deformed in Fallujah Iraq

Just saying

okay let them eat dust
okay let them have babies with five arms
and no legs to stand on
common everybody knows that
liberation doesn't come free
first their is civil war then
their comes a hint of freedom
next is government hand outs
followed by consumer enslavement
the privatized prisons and not to forget
drug wars and neighborhood watch dogs
leading to the killings of minority youths
okay let them eat dust
while we eat ourselves to death on
pre-processed pink slime fast food delicatessens
while we watch reruns of game shows
or being bombarded by reality stars
verbal vomit glorified onto our flat screen mentality
taking over our culture
ignoring the distraction of history
as we knew it but never understood
as our world heritage until it
was destroyed in one of the to many
the wars fought for nothing but profit
for the to rich to be touchable
while they let us eat their dust


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

CITIZEN X the book by Richard Schemmerer

CITIZEN X by Richard Schemmerer

is now available

I hope you find it mind bending and activating, encouraging and uprooting. We live to be alive to experience life in all its diversity.

CITIZEN X is about us -- is about this journey we call our life yours, mine, ours. There is no Them, them is us and us is them. The sooner we realize that what seemingly separates us challenges us to keep growing as beings. The world has shrunk but our confusion about it has increased. We are consumed by consuming and it this process we have lost sight of going deeper into ourselves. These self's are starved for our attention. Some call it the soul level -- whatever you call it don't become to shallow to dare to walk into thew deep ends of your psyche. Instead embrace the Wilds the unruly the scary the none self explanatory part to keep questioning everything we engage in or allow to manifest with or without our approval.

order it from BLURB


Monday, May 18, 2015

"sight seeing in my mind" poems by Richard Schemmerer

"Footloose on the way top ground zero" by Richard Schemmerer

from "sight seeing in my mind" poems by Richard Schemmerer



You have to
Hope that you
Still have some
Hope left to go on
Hoping that life is not
Just a path way littered
With product placements
Reducing you from worker bee
To out of hand all out consumer big

Drip fed

Everything is nothing is something
Is thing-less and a thingy thing
I hope you understand that I am REM
I am drip fed, fed up side ways and
I design social change for a future
Without the world as we got used to know it
Ideas are the houses I deconstruct to live in
I reverse the drip let it run up my veins and
Out of my eyes and ears and ars
I am an engineer I am just bits and pieces
In an analog seeming parallel world
Drip fed by my images of my so perceived reality

The preservist

I am the camera that shoots itself
The song that nobody has written yet
I am the book of lost letters and
The blossom on a trunkless tree
Bats and brushes fly different to
Stroke life at its joints and weak points
I am the blank spot in between the dotted line
I have and have not besides that
I preserve the after shock of every moment
That ever happened since the moment
When the first breath had been breathed
I am able let to go, let dogs run free
Because dogs don’t cry for a lost bone
They run of to sniff out another one
I know that nothing belongs to me
But that I am called to preserve everything
For the future that doesn’t know
How to spell its own name as of yet
Can you see yourself now can you see
Yourself in me that’s where you belong


A glimpse is like abroad stroke
More undefined then refined
More superfluous then superstitious
A glimpse is the moment that has past
Before it was recognized as such
It is the residue of a feeling
Yet uncategorized by memory
Is the beginning of a process called
Indulging in retrospective interaction
An inquiry into the subtle nuances
Of perception and reception
A glimpse is the connection in the movie
We are playing to yourself to learn from
A glimpse is the external stimulus
Waiting for an internal reward

The elephant in the room

Speak to me
What no, not that way
I don’t understand
Understand your culture
Give me a reason
To love you more then myself
Than my prejudice might
Change into compassion
And I don’t see you as
The elephant in my room
Help me make space for tolerance
You say I am a racist
I say you are an invader
I have the right to be wrong
But you don’t have any right
To say anything that would
make me sound wrong

Riddled by riddles

When the dream dies
What happens to the dreamer
When failure fails you
What happens to the lesson
When success runs away from you
What are you going to run after next
When hope leaves you
What will you be left with
When you run out of questions
How will you find the answers

Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Awakening from the americanized dream" by Richard Schemmerer

"Naked under your eduction" photography by Richard Schemmerer

Awakening from the americanized American Dream

At the end of the day comes the night a time to relax, to release and to dream. This is not the only time we dream. We also dream during the day, we dream collectively and corporately.

The American dream or brand is promoted around the known world. A dream is like believing which also means not knowing, not wanting to accept reality. It makes us weak and vulnerable to false promises and others pipe dreams.

A dream can lift us up and out of this world metaphysically, a world we are born into. It can help us move inner mountains and lead us in new directions filled with inspiration or in the wrong direction into a tunnel with no light at the end.

Every day we have to decide which concepts of a dream we are going to cling our hopes on and every night we process and try on these various scenarios that may or may not play out accordingly to our desire.

Dreams are the desire to be more or less of what we are. They distract us from the facts and reality but also provide with solace and hope. Cooperate entities have latched onto this weak part of our brains psyche and keep artificially enhancing our needs and increase our neediness.

We are born into the “American Dream” which is not more then hyperbole and somewhat unhealthy playing up artificial Nationalism in a more and more interconnected and interdependent world.

Politicians promise us an ever greater dream of living in a gated garden of Eden in a neighborhood near you financed by covert imperialism. Religious leaders hawk God’s version of us interpreted by their field variety denomination to make us believe in a dream like world after death without any problems or responsibilities.

After all is said and done and dreamed we are just earthlings with no super powers. Nevertheless we are able through perseverance, education and informed intelligence to achieve amazing things.

If you want to call that living the dream that is fine with me.

My Art & Words with its individual components tries in an open indeterminacy concept to shine a light into the heart of this scenario to help us reflect on the movie that runs almost non stop in our head 24/7.

So welcome to DREAM Inc a dream machine / factory that provides you with a vision of yourself a self that has learned to live like somebody that just awoke from a life lived in the dreams.

Join DREAM Inc and I will help you to detox from illusions and delusions to learn to live right here right now the way you are and not the way you thought to be or you aught to be.