Friday, October 31, 2014

PDX Art " The Human part of Humanity" by Richard Schemmerer

PDX Art " The Human part of Humanity" by Richard Schemmerer

"cut from the same cloth" photography by Richard Schemmerer

After every year comes another day
Another new beginning
Another chance to love
Time does not matter
Only love matters
Only love manifests
What we really want

It is nourishing to our heart
And uplifting to our soul
Our life is filled with possibilities
To be the graceful beings
That we are born to be
Our mind creates many images and
Opportunities to choose from
Which help us to reach our personal potential

Wise beings celebrated
Our unique relationship to Nature
With rituals and prayer
To remind everybody
That life is an act of balance
Of giving and resting

We uplift the part in us
That is free of Ego identification
The higher self that knows
What is best for this planet
With its inhabitants
Every moment is a celebration
Of the miracle of life
Every moment
Is an act of the grace of God

The One we are part off
The One we return to
Always ready to feel, to fill and
To empty itself
Spirit manifested in a poor man's outfit
That still gives freely of itself
The willpower that replenishes all
Like an eternal spring connected
To every single cell in everyone of us

We are bound to this source of love
The divine manifests through us
In the heart, the core of our being
Which represents all possibilities
Never ending and ever expanding
Like a soul that has no form and all forms
Because it is free of the confinement of time and space

New words, new visions are needed
To describe the wonders to come
Our minds have to be unveiled
To see for the first time the truth
A truth unfiltered, unaltered
By meritocracy and mind control

The moment has come
To accept that we are part of a greater good
it's time to stop running on limiting software
The time is now to unplug our potential
And in an instant everything is united
We enter the "The Unified Field" of consciousness
To become again the human part of humanity

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"The Trilogy of Space" by Richard Schemmerer

"The Trilogy of Space"

"Cave" acrylic on wood
by Richard Schemmerer

"The Trilogy of Space"
or " habitat for human interaction"

Our cultural evolution was mostly influenced by and through our dependency and incorporation of space. Instead of being victimized by it we became the master of our environment only to be overwhelmed by it again by our own creation.
We progressed from securing our physical body by finding protection
from the elements to built towers so high attempting to reach the place of God. Now we are attempting to decipher the last frontier the space inside of us to declare a new reality.

"Home" acrylic on wood
by Richard Schemmerer

"Shrine' acrylic on wood
by Richard Schemmerer

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Macho Feminism" by Richard Schemmerer

You can Google or download to your desc top or search on Wikipedia but you can't relive historical events.

Gloria Steinem is one of the names that are engraved in the collective psyche another is Susan Sontag who broke the glass ceiling in publishing was still denied to Hillary Clinton. Today we have Miley Cirus twerking for feminism and Beyonce having her legs sculpted by a trainer to have a thigh cap in honor of the afore mentioned.

At least former Eurhythmics lead singer and now solo star Annie Lennox calls them out as the cheap hussies they are. These singers trying to ride on the coattails of capitalistic machoism to re-brand feminism as the emasculation of the female. I am not in the business of writing a dissertation on contemporary feminism but I am an observer that supports equal rights under the protection of the law.

I see plenty of men who a run like slaves by their women so sexism goes both ways. Machosim is another outgrowth of our insecurities with living next to each other. We seem to be cut up inside ourselves between our feminine and masculine aspects and depending which part we suppress we have to deal with the consequences.

collages made from photoshopped pages of un-natural beauty magazines

Delaney Allen at Nationale

Getting Lost

Delaney Allen at Nationale

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Sometimes to find what we really need what is truly good for us we have to get lost. Other times we are trying to find to hard and are getting lost in the process.We get lost in our thoughts and enter a land of wonder or we hike a long rarely used paths and loose ourselves in the beauty of nature. Art can do these things for us. Art is a portal that allows the mind to travel freely and to explore a variation of possibilities. Life is a journey of exploration and this exhibit invites us to follow in the footsteps of the artist to see the world from someone else's vantage point.

NATIONALE is an art gallery & specialty shop dedicated to the promotion of the arts through exhibitions, performances, and a selection of carefully chosen goods.

Now located at 3360 SE Division // New gallery hours are noon - 6 p.m. (closed Tuesdays)


Portfolio submissions
Wanting to focus on present projects as well as the work of artists we represent, Nationale is unfortunately not accepting submissions at this time.

May Barruel
Owner / Director

Monday, October 20, 2014

David Berkvam at Nebraska Gallery

Invasive species

David Berkvam at Nebraska Gallery

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Only humans declare other species an invasive species but nature works on the premise of survival of the strongest. Before the advent of the industrial revolution we where still part of nature now we declare ourselves it's master. We stepped into the role of the gods each one of us in their own right. The irony is that now we have become the invasive species that threatens the balance of the planet as a whole. We took an anointed position but we proofed in the process that we are no as gods.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ellen McFadden at Ampersand PDX Gallery

Stripes are not dots are not a camouflage for something else. Stripes are/is what you see is what you get. It is about the feeling they let surface of joy and happiness. We don't need a reason to like something it just does based on our pre-conditioning. These paintings might be two dimensional but they evoke feelings of dimensionality even beyond the third dimension of space to enter timelessness.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hsin-Yi Huang and Sally Squire at Guardino Gallery, Portland

Hsin-Yi Huang and Sally Squire create a beautifully symbiotic exhibit. Both artists dazzle with an obsessive knack for details and surprising design choices leaving you with a sense of awe.

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