Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lli Wilburn at Froelick Gallery

Lli Wilburn
It Was Dark When I Started Out: New Works on Paper

The devil is in the detail is an old saying in this case the pleasure is in the details. It was dark but in the darkness I learned to love the light. In the spaces -- the zones that are cordoned off -- that are off limits -- life continues without us paying attention to it. Urban de-welling has many forms as some habitat in Pent houses with bridge view while at the same time others survive under bridges.
This exhibit pays attention and homage to the sites that are considered unsafe or undesirable -- the buffer zones that keep danger at bay.

Framed by Richard Schemmerer

or Frame of Mind
Richard Schemmerer

Framed by Life

Enter at your own risk because you will be framed at the moment you walk in or out through the birth channel.

Observe what is the frame work through which you see how you operate as a human bio chemical processing plant. You are the product of what you bring to the table of observance. Nothing, nobody, everything and evrybody created your thought patterns they are all yours to manage. You agree to be framed and release all rights to your image, body and intellectual property.

Life is an art concept functioning as conduit for multiple planes of experience and your experience has now altered your frame of mind and that of everyone else.

In contemporary life making sense has been shifted to the nonsensical. I welcome you to this theater of hallucinations and aborted dreams.

Sorry but this factory of the obscene also will be closed soon because of cutbacks on the backs of the artists and their poore for riches supporters.

Quote to sum it all up:

“Life is not a synchronized swimming event but idiosyncrasy on steroids sponsored by your corporation of choice.”

On the freeze by Richard Schemmerer

"hear me not" street art photography by Richard Schemmerer

On the freeze by Richard Schemmerer

Oil rigs float like cruise liners under the guise of foreign flags dumping piss in the ocean of life.
Fecal matter floats like whale poop, drifts onto man made beaches following the rules of man made disasters; the rule that our rulers try to full fill our desires, our greed for easy living while filling their own ego needs to fill their pockets with dirty money.
We are wired like a monsters, like psychopaths who think we have the right to be angry at the world we help to create, angry because we got caught with the pants down fornicating with the devils doing things against Nature for instant gratification and the lure of easy profit.
But who’s nature are we talking about while we look at our potential for denial; on whose gas are we driving off into the sunset whose natural catastrophe are we upset about and whose do we ignore while we are weeping, pillow talking about the things that don’t satisfy us in our life while claiming to care about the future of all of us and our off-spring.

Blame it, shame it, frame it, claim it; these disasters are ours and they expose the short comings of our humanity. We think we can design happiness and to just re-decorate our failed habitats and get away with taking digitized snap shots while our future is fading from brilliant color to unidentifiable shades of grey.
Yes Houston we have a problem but it is not out in space but right here on Earth.

The Naughties with their over indulgent immaturity are over and they had a terrible price tag which we are just beginning to pay. Even if it was not our intention our ignorant behavior is haunting us now down the home stretch towards extinction with the its consequences. We have to start contemplating how we can reverse the worst and how to take stock of all the failed strategies that promised success but is depleting the planet of its resources.

How many artists does it take to save the world? I say all of us and then some especially now that almost everyone thinks they are an artist of some sort; a concept of their own imagination. We have to wake up and realize that Art is not going to save anything but is holding as capture in denialism pushing us further down the shoot of false desires in a left behind world.

The sea has turned red as a sign of the endless quest for the holy grail a fantasy without an ending.
Life ends and so do we as our expiration date crawls ever closer towards heightened levels of toxicity. We have fetishised youth and its irresponsibility by addicting ourselves to cheap goods and fast foods with little satisfaction. Bargain hunting has replaced a need for quality engagement and replaced the quest for knowledge with a rat race for a few minutes of whatever kind of fame that rear’s its ugly ass out of the media garbage dump we rummage through everyday on our High Def TV’s.
We have become paparazzo’s in our own life’s stalking our imagined importance and self indulge in predictable consummation. Life doesn’t evolve between the sheets but between the left and right brain half’s.. life is not a performance that needs enhancing its not men against Nature but life is an Endeavour that tares you a part and then puts you back together in reverse and then its throws out the instructions and leaves you stranded as the dumbest design Nature or god came up with ever just because it can and you have to live with it trying to rebuilt your dreams from the scraps that are left for your disposal.
Oh yeah why don’t you put that on You Tube for the next fucked generations to laugh about.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

HyoungTae Lim at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland

HyoungTae Lim
I see
Blue Sky Gallery

Whom or what do we self when we see ourselves. Are we realistic and content with what our DNA has given us even if that includes decease.
To love one self his one of the highest commands in many different religious practices and often is one of our greatest challenges. If we can't love the way we are in good or bad times nobody else will.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Susan Seubert at Froelick Gallery, Portland

Susan Seubert
The Fallacy of Hindsight

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In Hind sight God should had thought twice before he handed over his creation to human stewardship as more species have gone extinct during their relative short rain in all the billions of years before. In hind site memory is just a low budget B-movie with a director that has lost its mojo.

Hindsight is one of theses elusive concepts our brain is able to come up with the make smart asses even more ass like. We all can look back and pick out the moments when we lost our awareness in a flood of emotions and reacted unkindly to ourselves and to others.
This exhibit as lovely as it is didn't need in hind sight a conceptual theme as each picture on the wall each speaks volumes for itself about the mystery that life is as it unravels in front of our mental screen.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

To feel what I am at Hap Gallery, Portland

In To Feel What I Am, curators Eileen Isagon Skyers and Iris Williamson take a nuanced approach, cultivating works by artists working with various media to survey the power and failure of communication in a digital age.

The Internet seems to be this magical place where anyone can be whatever they want. This is an assumption that leads to injury of the Ego. It's like trying to make lemonade out of a lemon tree.

I feel what I am -- I am feeling myself -- I am what I feel -- I am the profile I post -- I am becoming what I communicate -- at it's core its a struggle about identity about wanting to be loved even if it means to give false witness. We portrait our self as the best self we can like showing only the best picture of the vacation but not all the disappointments. We start to live in a make believe reality and missing real life which is not white washed by apps and filters.

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Hedonic Reversal

Future Ruins

A Metaphor is a stand in for a concept to big for us to explain in plain words.What is pleasure and why do some of us seek it through pain for example. Many times ruins give us a sense of nostalgia in which we wallow like a wild dog in dung. Mentally we know that life is a gateway to death. We stare at abandoned remnants of civilization in awe of our power to build but also to destroy -- the same counts for nature. The very oxygen we depend on is also one of the most poisoning substances on earth and makes everything corrode even ourselves. So psychologically we know that nothing lasts and the aging process turns us in a way into a ruin ourselves. When we look a ruins we experience the shadow side the price for living.

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