Sunday, March 20, 2016

"Face time" paintings by Richard Schemmerer

Face time one on one

at he end of the road is a sign that says start over
at he end of the road is a sign that says new beginning
which sign do you follow which sign is meant for you
sometimes to start over is seen as a curse but
it offers the chance for a new beginning a way
to reinvent oneself the self that has run out
of the possibility to grow according to the laws
that have established the rules of the day
we live in are born in created in accordance
to our upbringing and our imagination which
we have to face from time to time to be able
to ajust our own trajectory if we got of the course
that leads to prosperity in the face of unity

FaceTime facing the extreme

FaceTime reinventing the mind

at he end of the road is a sign that says start over

at he end of the road is a sign that says new beginning

Friday, March 18, 2016

"Overture" by Richard Schemmerer

"Face time" by Richard schemmerer

Potted history lesson
edging forward towards rapid
change happening not on the thrones
of empires but the hidden crevasses
on the margins of prophetic alchemies
crying for changes from talking heads with
fix it cheaply owners shoot yourself to freedom
with cowards as devastating as weapons pitting faiths
against faiths believers against righteousness, the economics
of war and politics of the days shortened by our partisan mentality
that triumphs over reason over our naked misconception to repent to give
offense equally to all false tongues to stop in mid sentence to stop the tension
to demonize what seems other than us but this us is the broken vision shattered by hate
mongery one against the other fear against joy hate against love to stand there washed clean
by tears to face up to fess up to the shadow that we have allowed to overshadow our vision that sees
beyond the numbness that hears beyond the voices of radical interventionism therapies
because we are not the solution to our problem we are the cause of it all

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Immaculate Perception" By Richard Schemmerer

"Immaculate perception" sculpture by Richard Schemmerer

"Immaculate perception"

mixed media sculpture

Sometimes we want a dream to come true so badly that we make up a reality around it. Sometimes we need to have a savior and we make up a whole religion to rationalize life. Our perception is faulty but we pretend that it is immaculate.

Other times a dream can be a seed that bares a lively fruit almost like in a miracle but it is the hard work or a dose of luck that makes it seem more than it is. Art helps to find abridge between the imagined and the real but it makes no sense to stop making sense and confuse the two.

Suspiria by Richard Schemmerer

Richard Schemmerer

Suspiria or "Baby doesn't live here anymore"

copy/paste link to see video

The long way is the way that leads to the end. The short way leads to many other ways, no end insight only death waiting.
Garbage is not always what it seems to be. Sometimes you find a piece of trash but
it had a life before somebody discarded it. The same counts for relations. We build them, we waste them,
we lose them and lose a part of ourselves in the process. At the end of the day we can't account for anything anymore.
Is this the way to live? Is this the way to be remembered.
Baby doesn't live here anymore, is about one of these moments when you realize that love is right in front of and just needs to be dusted off, get a makeover or what ever it takes for you to become more of your true self rather then the scavenger the lost Mad Max character that kills off to early because he had lost his value to the story line.

The lead actor in this short film is Leslie I found her abused and I restored her into a piece of art and she was later acquired by a collector and hopefully to be one day in a museum for all to see as a reminder that we are worth the effort to love not just others but ourselves for loving others.

Christine Bourdette at Elizabeth Leach Gallery

Christine Bourdette at Elizabeth Leach Gallery

Drawing to Planet Earth
drawing and sculpture

more info at

Earth is at the center of this exhibit. It's strength and fragility and its power to reinvent what we call Nature but is never stagnant never just one thing. We label Nature because we a have a talent for it but Nature is way beyond labeling and nobody knows what kind of natural things Nature will give birth to. May we pray that we will be around to bare witness to it.

Wangechi Mutu at 511 Gallery, PNCA, Portland

Wangechi Mutu at PNCA 511 Gallery

The Hybrid Human

The body as a war zone, the mind a s mine field. The social network shredded by racism and inequality. The female body as an object or male dominance. Thoughts are as violent as actions because they allow these actions to play out. Hate is a tumor is a cancer that spreads from one to the millions if not eradicated early on. When we fetishes a species a gender we separate ourselves from the unity required to tackle societies problems. The males that force women to become sexual containers for their fantasies have committed a crime against humanity. The Males that bind women into religious or tribal stigmas are criminals. The women who play the roles assigned to them are victims of a society that has promoted the wrong ideals for the wrong reasons. Power and violence hold hands while we look at our world in disgust. This is not a time to be paralyzed by the sheer volume of problems but to be inspired to find the motivation to step our game up and heal these mental cancers.

Thomas Kinkade at Upfor gallery

To Kinkade or not to Kinkade is the question. Commercially successful art is usually despised by the critics. I am not a critic but I am also of a generation that is not easily impressed by the obvious. Some of the painters of America have helped to establish that notion of the American Dream and in the process have created a dumbed down entitlement society with each new generation being served the same bullshit.